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Why Do I Do This?

My Philosophy

In this day and age, video content and social media drives business more than printed word or ads ever could. The problem however is getting people to stop scrolling and actually look at your content. My goal is to help businesses utilize video content to promote their brand, engage their audience, and build their digital footprint which in turn will build their business. The only way to do that however is to "stop the scroll". If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a video say?

My Story

How Did I Start?

Like many, when COVID hit and we were all forced to stay home, I started exploring past skills that I had and learning new things. This lead to my passion in creating video content.

But I learned that making a great looking video is just the first step. Utilizing that video to its fullest potential requires much more knowledge and strategy. Learning how to make the RIGHT video, put it in the RIGHT places, so that the RIGHT people see it and you get the RIGHT results is what I specialize in.

Meet My Motivation

When you work with me, you work with my family. That means that I will treat you the same way I would treat my wife and daughter: with respect, honesty, and genuine care about your businesses' wellbeing. You are not just another client on my list of clients. You are someone who has a family, dreams, and goals just like I do. So let's reach those goals together.


My Daughter


Just a fun loving 2 year old ready for adventure.



Jeremy Bosquez

A high school teacher who has a passion for video editing and creating fun and engaging video content.

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My Wife


The most amazing woman I know who helps me get through every struggle that gets thrown at me.

Want To Work With Me?...

Looking to get some video content created for your business? Contact me today and let's see if video is the best way to do it.